Humble Beginnings 

Vitus Construction has distinguished itself as a General             Contractor by virtue of four outstanding qualities: Integrity,   accessibility, expertise and experience.  Integrity is evident in forthright and honest performance of all requirements of the contract and commitment to the owner for a complete             project. No hidden charges, no unnecessary changes and a willingness to always communicate reliable information to the design team, subcontractors, and owners.                                  

Medford, Oregon Temple
Columbia River Washington Temple

Ren​owned Quality

Accessibility to all participants in a project is demonstrated by frequent site visits, participation in project meetings and scheduling, the use of skilled and well-informed superintendents and the utilization of local suppliers and subcontractors whenever possible. I am a builder who is involved in our community and values the relationships formed here. Consistent attention by a company that cares deeply about its reputation and continued rapport with owners. architects and the construction industry insures a successful project.

Expertise is proven in the number of repeat clients who have had the opportunity to experience the results of our company's involvement in their construction projects and choose well again. Negotiated work springs from the ability of Vitus Construction to perform efficiently and cost effectively. I am a contractor who makes a complex construction project run smoothly with immediate and thoughtful resolution of problems and eagerness to make the job successful for all.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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